The Best Place to Buy an Oculus Quest 2 in the UK

The Oculus Quest 2 is a Virtual Reality Headset from Facebook (check out our review here).

This article discusses the best places to buy an Oculus Quest 2 in the UK, taking price, delivery, and storage into account. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to get straight to the list of suppliers.

If you would like to purchase an Oculus Quest 2, please take your time to consider all options and links here before spending any money.

Our reviews and content are based on extensive research and the inputs we receive from product owners and visitors to our website. We do not promote any particular product or manufacturer. Instead, we aim to provide you with all the information you need to make your own mind up and find the best deal for you.

Storage options

The Oculus Quest 2 comes in two flavours; 128Gb and 256Gb.

Practically, the storage option you choose will be based on how much content you want to be able to download onto your headset before you run out of space. The 256Gb option means that you can have more games installed at once.

Please note that the version you choose will not limit your gaming options in any way – there aren’t currently any games that are over 128Gb and both versions provide plenty of space to install several games before you will have to think about deleting old stuff to make room for the new.

For the casual gamer, the cheaper 128Gb version is more than sufficient.


The standard pricing for the Oculus Quest 2 in the UK is:

  • £299 for the 128Gb version
  • £399 for the 256Gb version

There are not usually many discount deals available but if we are made aware of any, they will be highlighted in the comparison table below. Any suppliers that only offer the product above this base price point will not be included.

WARNING: There are some suppliers that are marketing the Oculus Quest 2 256Gb at around £330. This sort of price point from a supplier you’ve never heard of should signal a red flag. Please be warned that these companies are based outside of the UK (usually Asia) and may supply you with a unit that is not as described or not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty (if you ever actually even receive the item).


Having decided which storage option you would like and knowing the base price for the unit, the only other real consideration you will have is delivery. Basically how soon you want it and how much it will cost you. The comparison table below shows the delivery options available for each supplier.

UK Suppliers of Oculus Quest 2

The comparison table below shows all UK suppliers of the Oculus Quest 2 that we are aware of that do not charge more than the recommended retail price stated above. Any suppliers offering units at a discount will be shown at the top of the list. After price, suppliers are then sorted by how cheap and quick their delivery is.

Second-hand sellers are at the foot of the table.

SupplierPriceDelivery priceDelivery time
Amazon128Gb – £299
256Gb – £399
Free with Prime24hr
Oculus128Gb – £299
256Gb – £399
Very128Gb – £299
256Gb – £399
Currys PC World128Gb – £299
256Gb – £399
Free4-5 days
Argos128Gb – £299
256Gb – £399
£3.9524hr (or collection)
Game128Gb – £299
256Gb – £399
£4.992-4 days (or collection)
CEX (2nd hand refurbs)128Gb – £280
256Gb – £360
£1.953-5 days
eBay (2nd hand refurbs)VariableVariableVariable
UK Suppliers of Oculus Quest 2 with price and delivery information


Unless there is a rare deal or promotion in progress (such as Black Friday) or you have your own discount at one of the above stores, you will probably have to pay the recommended price for an Oculus Quest 2 in the UK.

Trying your luck with a dodgy supplier that has an offer that is too good to be true is very risky and not recommended, so the only other option to get an Oculus Quest 2 at a reduced price is by purchasing a used unit from places such as eBay or CEX.

If you know of any new deals for the Oculus Quest 2 or if our information is wrong, please fire us an email at

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