Wonderglade Review

Wonderglade, by Playful Corp., is the latest instalment of arcade-style party games for Oculus Quest. The game allows up to four players to take part in quick and competitive mini-games and challenges in a variety of different settings (on a carousel, in an old-timey fish tank, on a stage). Players can track their scores over time and transfer them to Facebook. There is also the option to compete against friends or random opponents online, though we were unable to test out this feature during our limited demo period with the game. All multiplayer matches are done locally with your friends only being connected through you rather than through any sort of dedicated server infrastructure that most traditional video games use nowadays. The player is given an option to choose between five different games/challenges, each with its own mechanics and objectives. They are as follows:

– Jump over Barrels – Players attempt to jump in and out of a minecart before barrels come crashing down on them (similar in mechanics to the original Donkey Kong arcade game). If no one clears at least ten barrels in a round, all players lose

– Fling Maze – Players work together in an effort to guide a marble through a maze without letting it go into any holes or off the edge of the stage. (Think Labyrinth board game.)

– Spinner Swipe – The most basic of all mini-games; players swipe up, down, left or right on a touchscreen to match the motions of the spinner.

– Race – Players compete against each other in a race, jumping over obstacles and collecting coins as they go. The player with the most coins wins

– Punch-Out! – A boxing mini-game where players take turns punching an opponent until one is left standing

There are also extra challenges that can be unlocked by playing through certain modes or reaching specific milestones within those modes (e.g unlocking a new character for use in multiplayer)

Review: 2/5 stars – Not Worth Your Time Unless You’re Thirsty For More Content

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