VRChat Review

VRChat is a freeware Virtual Reality MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game that can be played with the Oculus Rift and Touch Controllers, the HTC Vive and the Windows Mixed Reality Headsets. It also works on standard flat 2D screens, but it’s more fun in VR. As of writing this review, I’ve played it for about 27 hours spread out over 3 sessions. It has great potential to become popular as well as being fun because the graphics are top-notch for an indie game, it has plenty of choices of activities to do with other players, there are lots of things you can choose from to customize your avatar including clothing options that can be earned or bought. You can even take photos inside the game.

Voice chat is available with both the Oculus Quest and the Windows Mixed Reality headsets, which are currently the only official ways of playing it on an untethered mobile VR headset.

I will get to that in a bit though because I want to go over some pros and cons first which you’ll see below

This shows some of the many avatars you can choose from when creating your avatar for use in VRChat.

When I downloaded the game on my PC, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there are built-in tutorials so getting started was easy enough for me even though this isn’t my first time playing Virtual Reality games either. The graphics are smooth on my GeForce GTX 1080Ti video card with high settings

The game itself doesn’t require much of a computer like other VR games, however, if you want to build your characters (avatars) or take photos then you will need an entry-level i5 or better processor with at least 2GB of ram and an Nvidia 1060 or AMD RX 480 video card. The game recommends 4GB of ram but I had no problems even with just 8GB

VRChat actually has multiple worlds filled with people chatting, playing activities and exploring the worlds so it’s kind of like Second Life in that regard where there are many things to do and places to visit once inside the game. So far It seems very stable for me because I’ve never seen it crash on my computer even when there’s a lot going on on my screen.

The graphics are very good, I’ve always said it when reviewing VR games and they’re even better in this game because they’re 3D modelled by artists instead of having to make them look nice with a program like Unity which also happens to be what the developers used for this game. The framerate is smooth which was surprising at first because it runs on Unreal Engine 4 just like other popular Virtual Reality MMOs such as Rec Room where I did get framerate drops sometimes even though that game is made to run on low specs compared to this one so overall, I’m impressed with how well the game runs on my system

One thing you’ll notice if you use SteamVR orOculus Home to launch it is that the game has tons of positive reviews. This is because VRChat grew very popular after the release of the Windows Mixed Reality headsets, then it went even more popular when SteamVR support was added which made it playable on the HTC Vive but only via third party programs like Virtual Desktop

The avatars you can use in this game range from original characters to anime, fantasy and so much more so there’s definitely something for everyone. I’m not a fan of anime myself but my girlfriend is so she enjoyed using an avatar based on Rikka Takanashi from Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions and most other Japanese style avatars are also super cute with their large eyes.

There are many different activities you can do in VRChat ranging from playing games such as Hide and Seek to try out furniture like Recliners (if you want to rez stuff, make sure it only has 3 or fewer prims). You can also dance, take photos and videos of yourself or others using selfie mode. Speaking of which, the default camera controls are somewhat limited but there are mods for both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift users that allow you to use Touch controllers for better control over your avatar’s movements.

I spent most of my time exploring different worlds with my friends because some areas can get laggy if there are too many avatars nearby depending on the size of their character models. That’s why I recommend making your own world rather than joining someone else’s or just exploring them for fun.

The only thing that might bother some people is the fact that you can’t walk very fast and always having to use teleport if you want to get around but it’s worth it because there are so many areas and avatars to see. I know a lot of players like using teleport locomotion rather than standard WASD/Controller movement however the game has a comfort mode option and doing enough journeys with either method will level up your character which makes teleportation more smooth each time, so it’s worth giving both methods a try before deciding what works best for you.

I recommend this game because It does run smoothly on my PC unlike other VR games (that require high-end specs) such as Robo Recall and TheGallery so it makes up for the lack of gameplay mechanics.

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