VR Karts Sprint Review

The first thing you’ll notice after booting up VR Karts for the Oculus Quest is that it looks really good, and already feels like a polished experience. The shiny metallic surfaces catch your eye and give you great reflections of the environment around you.

VR Karts Sprint brings many new interesting concepts to the table that isn’t present in its predecessor on PSVR

The biggest change this time around is the addition of power-ups which are very similar to Mario Kart’s items. While racing ahead of your opponents, there are 8 different power-ups at your disposal. They range from speed boosts, shields, bombs, rockets & more! Another fun feature they added was the shortcuts on the tracks which add a lot of depth to the gameplay. You can enter them by driving up to certain areas on the track and watch your kart fly over all other racers

The game is designed very well graphically for mobile VR, with sharp textures, fast frame rate even in 8 multiplayer races. The controls are great as well & work intuitively. They added new power-ups that aren’t present in its predecessor on PSVR which offers new prospects into tactics you can use during each race! While playing online I also had no connection issues whatsoever, though it would be nice if they added matchmaking before entering an online session so people could join easier.

The game has a lot of content spread out over different modes which will make you return after a while. You can battle it out against your friends in the 8 players multiplayer mode, but there’s also practice races against AI and time trials. There is also free roam of an island, where you can race without any rules & do some of the different challenges scattered around the map for coins!

Though not as shiny as Mario Kart or even recently released Sprint Vector, this new title on Quest makes its own mark with great design choices that work well within VR. The game has much to offer both online & offline and I’m sure that once people get their hands on the game at release they’re going to enjoy themselves.

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