Ven VR Adventure Review

Ven VR Adventure is a first-person virtual reality quest set in the fantastical land of Ven. Search for hidden objects, complete tasks and puzzle your way through this immersive virtual reality world. Get lost in an exciting adventure with unique locations to explore, characters to discover and puzzles to solve. With over 20 handcrafted quests, 10 interactive characters with full voice acting, 60 minutes of original soundtracks and more than 30 places to visit, this game will give you hours of fantasy entertainment!

The most important thing I can say about the game is that it is really quite good. It’s not amazing yet nor might ever be but what is there now works surprisingly well for what it does. There are no huge issues or glaring omissions so lets get right down to it.

The game begins with you standing in an empty, featureless void and the only thing showing on the menu is “Start Game”. There are options to take a screenshot or start streaming but no controller input will work beyond that. I found this quite odd given that the Quest itself has motion control activated by default so even just moving your hand around would have at least made things look more interesting than just nothingness.

Your character is designed well enough to look like some sort of Wonderland imitator with him wearing an Alice-like outfit and carrying a big umbrella for protection from the elements. The graphics themselves don’t really compare to what we see within Rift/Vive games yet they aren’t bad either and certainly run well enough on the Quest hardware.

Oddly enough my first experience with the game was not so much in its intended form but rather within Oculus TV. Ven VR Adventure had launched automatically upon putting on the Quest and configuring it for use with Oculus TV so I figured I’d give it a try there before trying it specifically as intended. The goal of this particular quest is to discover 10 hidden items by finding them within large, open areas. You can pick up objects that are lying about to use later on which vary depending on the location you’re currently in whether that be a carpenter’s shop or an archaeological dig site. For this Quest, you just run around looking for red glowing spheres, grab them and then try to figure out where to go next. I was a bit disappointed to find that this particular Quest is really only one area with no transitional sequences at all between starting and finishing it. It’s all just an open, empty place to run around in with nothing interesting going on besides the things you need to pick up.

There are many different Quests however along with some other mini-games that are available as well which help Ven VR Adventure offer some extended value beyond what you might expect from standard mobile games. The ability to create your own custom Quests for others to try is also nice although limited by the options given since there’s not many of them allowed for each location/event/task type. Luckily there are enough pre-made quests included here already so you shouldn’t have a very hard time filling things out on your own if you’re looking for more content.

Overall Ven VR Adventure is definitely worth looking into as it’s free and fun to play. There are some minor annoyances that could be improved upon but nothing critical as of yet. If you’re one who loves this type of casual mobile game then I think you’ll enjoy this too.

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