VARK Review

First off, VARK looks great! I had a few issues with the disconnection that was experienced as well as some of the truly bizarre characters that seem to be popping into existence.

It’s not just about music and art either; some of the influencers will also do live chats where you can chat directly with them – which is really cool! It’s like being on an online forum but more personal and interactive. You can give high-fives and hearts and if something interesting is said it’ll show up in your chat log so you know what was said.

The background music itself provides a wonderful atmosphere – very chill and relaxing, for those who like their beats more ambient it would probably feel like a dream state or even better (if you can imagine that) being on a beach, feeling the waves of sound washing over you.

The sound effects are really good too; they change depending on where you are (e.g. an aeroplane or busy square), which is very impressive because it all looks like one room! The timing of the sounds was also spot-on; for example, when I turned to view myself in front of me it made the sound effect as if I was turning towards them (which got super real at times)Additionally, I didn’t feel like the art was only appealing to specific tastes – whether you enjoy abstract or realism there’s something that will appeal to everyone. Although the avatars don’t look realistic they do have an adorable charm about them.

The platform is easy to navigate and appears well put together, however it doesn’t have the same feeling of being alive as VRChat does. It feels slightly isolated which is to be expected given its smaller player base but overall I think it’s a wonderful start for what could grow into an amazing platform!

Overall, I give VARK an 8/10. It’s a wonderful start to what could be something amazing!

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