TribeXR DJ School Review

Hands down the best way to learn how to DJ on Quest. As a lifelong musician and music producer, I can’t recommend this enough for someone who wants to get started jamming out their first tunes right away and start making original content.

TribeXR is not great simply because of the ease of access; it’s also great because it’s fun! It’s really easy to run around the virtual world doing quests for fruit (the currency), playing games like skeeball, and getting points for mastering each lesson. The lessons themselves are clear and well-structured, teaching you the basics in stages that progress logically from simple note-matching into more complex beat matching and song syncopation. If you’ve ever studied music, learning to DJ is a lot like learning to compose – except instead of playing an instrument you get to “program” your own tunes. There are modules here for all levels, so whether you’re brand new or have had some experience programming in other apps, there’s something that you can play with and learn from.

Play on-the-fly I wanted to mention this because it makes TribeXR really stand out compared to the other Quest music apps I’ve tried: while you’re making hot beats in any of their lessons, you can also switch over quickly into Cozmoz mode (by pressing down on the directional pad) where they give control of your avatar back to you so that you can jam out freestyle if you want. It’s surprisingly satisfying to do this, and it really enhances the experience!

In other use cases, I’ve also used TribeXR for letting my kids explore making their own music without worrying about the “mature” content of some games (like swearing), because there are no real-time consequences in TribeXR – you can tell them to turn down the volume if it gets too loud for instance, but otherwise, they can make all kinds of noise without me ever getting angry. It’s great for babies too! We downloaded the app on our Quest when we first got it and my son was immediately mesmerized by all of these bright colors he could interact with simply by waving his hands…he still loves to check out what other people are making in TribeXR today!

The future looks bright for the next generation of music producers, DJs, and composers. Our technology is evolving faster than ever before to give people access to new tools for expression, and apps like TribeXR are helping us shape what this will mean for our culture…if you want to get into that game early then I highly recommend you check it out!

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