Tilt Brush Review

In the words of content creator Andy Landa, Tilt Brush is a “magic paintbrush in your hand that lets you paint with light and fire, stars and smoke, rainbow sparks or even living creatures.” In short, it’s an artistic experience unlike any other. In fact, the Google-made VR painting software has been used for everything from virtual graffiti to creating art installations.

But what if I told you it’s now available on Oculus Quest?

I’ll be honest: I’m a huge fan of virtual reality as a whole–but at times, I wonder where it will go next. For me, this is one of those times. A drawing program with no real rules? No limitations? It’s one thing to draw in VR, but what if you could paint? What vision does that bring to mind?? It’s an otherworldly sensation.

Tilt Brush is available on all major headsets, but it feels like a whole new app when played with the Oculus Quest. Despite being wireless and removing the need for any external sensors or controllers–and having by far one of the best “room-scale” experiences out there–the standalone headset has some limitations: most notably, Tilt Brush requires motion controls and full-room tracking to function effectively

But once we get past that, we’re left with the core concept: the magic paintbrush. This phrase may be unassuming at first glance, but I can’t help but feel anything short of awe when I wield the tool. There’s a certain power to it; it feels like an extension of my arm and soul. So for me, it’s always been about the experience: the creative possibilities you’re able to achieve simply by holding up your arms and using an intuitive system that allows you to paint in three dimensions.

With Tilt Brush on Oculus Quest, we’ve reached a new chapter in VR as an art form–and as such, it’s time to ask ourselves: what does this mean for us?

We can look back at other technologies for clues as to where VR is headed next. Take, for example, those early films from roughly 100 years ago. Audiences were enamoured with the first glimpses into the movies–and some of them had never experienced anything like it. Of course, the medium wasn’t without its flaws; but over time, these films evolved to become part of how we create and communicate today. Imagine if they hadn’t?

VR is no different: new technologies can be daunting or intimidating at first for many people, but we’ve already come so far with virtual reality as a whole. And after playing Tilt Brush on Oculus Quest, I can say that I’m not only excited about where VR is headed–but where art itself will go next

If you haven’t tried Tilt Brush on Oculus Quest yet, you’re really missing out! Talk to your local library or school about getting their hands on one; it’s a valuable experience that you won’t soon forget.

And if you need some inspiration while you wait, check out the creations of Tilt Brush artist Ana Luisa Tevis here . The possibilities are endless–and so is our creativity!

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