The Wizards Review

The Wizards is an interesting game because it’s one of the few “realistic” experiences on the Oculus Quest. There are other games where you’re not in a fantasy world or using magic, but this title has you playing as a regular person, wielding magical powers. This makes for an experience that feels closer to real-life than many others.

The best way to describe The Wizards would probably be to call it a light version of CoD…on steroids. You’ll spend most of your time running around trying to take out waves of enemies while defending yourself with spells and occasionally offensive items like daggers or crossbows. We have yet to come across anything really innovative here just yet, but if things are kept fresh enough throughout the entirety of the game, we may be able to forgive that.

When you’re not engaged in combat with either enemies or other players, you’ll find yourself exploring a town as an omnipresent god-like figure. You won’t have any real effect on events here, but it’s still interesting to see what’s going on and to watch people interact with each other.

As for the graphics…we found them very good. If this is truly a PC port (which we believe it is), then Kite Games did a very good job of making sure that things like shadows and lighting were true to life. There were some minor issues with clipping and pop-in from time to time, but they didn’t detract too much from our experience overall.

When it comes to the Quest itself, we found that The Wizards was a pretty smooth experience. You can expect somewhere around 30 FPS most of the time with a few “hiccups” here and there as is expected from games ported from PC. We don’t think you’ll have any real problems here though, especially if your Quest is using a higher-end spec than ours (it’s at least got double the RAM).

In terms of the Quest’s tracking, we found it to be pretty good. It was a bit odd at first not having Touch controllers to help us fine-tune the accuracy of our spells, but over time, we adapted and eventually got used to what felt like a more “natural” way of playing.

Overall, The Wizards was a decent experience that we were able to really sink into within just a few minutes. If you’re looking for something with either single or multiplayer co-op modes that won’t require a lot of thinking on your part and that will allow you to relax while killing things then this might just be a title you want to check out. Just don’t expect anything groundbreaking here because as of right now…that is most definitely not what you’re getting.

Rating: 8/10 (a little too repetitive for our liking, but still a fun experience)

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