Sports Scramble Review

Hello everyone. I wanted to take some time to review Sports Scramble, which is an Oculus Quest exclusive game available on the Oculus Store for $7.99 (US), £6.29 (UK). It was developed by Armature Studios and Published by Oculus Studios.

I have been playing video games my whole life, ever since I could pick up a controller, but recently I’ve always had a bit of trouble enjoying games because they didn’t fill that ‘whole’ experience that I’m looking for. One day, however, my brother showed me the Quest page on Amazon. He told me about how it’s wireless and has full room-scale tracking without all the wires hanging off your back like traditional PC headsets with sensors would have. After watching a couple of videos of it in action, I was sold.

That Christmas, I got my own Oculus Quest and have not regretted that decision since then. There wasn’t anything ‘killer’ out at the time for Quest but there were some interesting ports and it would only be a matter of time before we started getting original content.

Sports Scramble has been one of my favorite games on the platform so far. It’s well done and definitely takes advantage of what makes the Oculus Quest different from other devices like it (especially in terms of tracking). The game is about 10-12 hours long depending on skill level, which means you won’t beat this game quickly; However, even after beating Sports Scramble once you will likely continue playing over and over again as there are a lot of trophies to unlock and you can always go back and play the levels in Challenge Mode. There is also Co-Op Multiplayer which allows you to work with up to three other friends or strangers, completing objectives and races together.

Pros: – Sports Scramble feels like many mini-games combined into one larger game, so it definitely doesn’t get stale quickly and mixes things up often – Controls feel great and do not take much time getting used to – Gameplay is balanced well between players of all skill levels (if you want) – The graphics are nice for an arcade/party type game, they fit the genre perfectly

Cons: – One small issue I had was that aiming with the controller could be a bit difficult at fast speeds, but this problem is pretty minor and can easily be fixed by using your wrist to aim instead of moving the whole arm – Some levels are a bit slower-paced than others meaning some players might get bored if not playing with friends – The game’s menu system feels a bit clunky and Old-School

Conclusion: In conclusion, Sports Scramble is an extremely fun Oculus Quest exclusive that I would recommend to anyone who has one. While there isn’t much I can talk about as far as originality goes because it feels like mostly just mini-games combined into one whole experience, everything in Sports Scramble works well together and makes it feel different from other party-style games you could also play on the Oculus Quest.

Thanks for reading my review!

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