Space Pirate Trainer DX Review


Space Pirate Trainer DX offers a pretty standard wave shooting gameplay. There are no levels and the only goal is to survive as long as possible. You can improve your experience by finding new weapons or purchase health and shield upgrades in the shop. There are very few stories, most of what you need to know comes from the space pirate trainer name itself, but it’s not really important either way, so don’t worry about it if you were looking for deep lore and a narrative-driven game. The graphics look good and the soundtrack changes in intensity like when enemies show up or after buying an upgrade in the shop. A problem that may occur with this type of game is motion sickness since you’re moving around a lot without any point of reference to ground yourself, but if you’re already used to playing VR games for a long time, then this won’t be a problem.

Summary: If you’re looking for a simple wave shooter with good graphics and music, Space Pirate Trainer is the game for you!

My Personal Experience

I played it as soon as I got my Quest from release day. I was really excited to try it because of its fast-paced gameplay and because I’ve been waiting for something like this since the first time I tried an HTC Vive at PAX South in 2017. The motion controls felt very responsive, so no complaints there. It was easy to find out which button does what but also allowed me some configuration options later on if needed (for example, if a button is not pressed for a long time, it will revert to its original function). I felt no motion sickness or other issues throughout my entire playtime.

The art style and color palette match the cyberpunk sci-fi setting of the game well. With the exception of your avatar which looks like a guy in a spacesuit with sunglasses rather than someone inside an exoskeleton.

My Recommendations

If you’re new to VR games, I recommend you try this one first just by itself because it’s easy to learn but also may be a good way to prepare yourself for more complicated gameplay before trying something like Robo Recall. For those who have already played other shooters on Quest, if you really want something quick and easy to pick up and play, then I recommend you try it after something more substantial like Rec Room.


Space Pirate Trainer DX is a good choice for both beginners and veterans of VR games. It’s pretty cheap so if you have an Oculus Quest, get it now!

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