Shooty Skies Overdrive Review

Shooty Skies Overdrive is a game developed by Nylofin(previously known as Welldone Games), in which the player uses both their hands to throw bullets, bombs and rockets at airborne enemies in order to destroy them. The objective of this game is to defeat all of the waves of enemies that approach you.

After choosing whether or not they want to play the tutorial, players are welcomed with two fairly simple gameplay mechanics – throwing items up into the air, and swapping between handheld weapons. Upon touching one of these items, your character will automatically grab it from offscreen, so it’s important to use both hands for different types of projectiles! This creates extremely satisfying gameplay when you manage to take down multiple baddies in one go.

There are five different types of weapons, and learning how they work is very easy as there aren’t any complicated details to look out for. Every weapon has a unique way of functioning which provides different ways to play the game – for example, some weapons provide higher damage than others, whilst others might be able to destroy multiple enemies in an area. All of this comes together nicely with the fact that you can change your loadout before every round if you wish! This allows players to experiment with what they like best and also makes it possible for them to play however they want

The variety and choice throughout this game never cease to amaze me – the player gets to choose whether or not they want to use their shield (activated by double-tapping the left joystick), what type of gun they want to use, whether or not they want to receive powerups for defeated enemies. All of these choices result in a different way of playing that caters to different people!

Additionally, you can also increase these stats through customisation – players are able to unlock hats and glasses by beating achievements, which is another way for them to personalize their character. As this game has an infinite amount of waves (providing you don’t die), there’s no real end goal, but it’s still satisfying when your skill level increases enough so that you can take on harder enemies whilst surviving longer!

There are three difficulty levels; Normal, Hardcore and Hell (the hardest mode). On top of this, the game also contains leaderboards and over 90 different achievements! I’ve never experienced so many things in a single mobile game before and to be honest, it feels like there’s always something new to try out or achieve whenever you boot the game up.

This is part of the reason why Shooty Skies has such high replayability – there are always new ways to play based on what you’re feeling like doing at that moment in time. The only negative thing here about variety is that sometimes when you die after taking too much damage, the restart takes a while because your character needs to respawn manually rather than them appearing instantly like in most other games. However, even though this can feel like quite a long wait (especially compared to respawn rates of similar games), it isn’t as bad as it sounds because if you die, you respawn with a shield every time so the next round will be easier to get through.

Shooty Skies Overdrive is an excellent game if you’re looking for something fun and exciting to play on your Oculus Quest. Furthermore, this is a budget title which costs around 2 dollars / £2.29NZD – I don’t know about other countries but even at full price, this is definitely worth getting! This means that it’s also perfect for people who are new to VR and don’t want something too intense or expensive at the moment

I’d definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes bullet hell shooters or multiplayer games in general – there’s enough to keep you busy with the single-player mode, but different multiplayer modes are also introduced as you progress through. It’s great fun for both adults and children alike, which is always fantastic!

Review Score: 9 / 10

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