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The VR arcade industry has been growing exponentially since its inception. With the recent release of Oculus Quest, it looks as though 2018 is going to be another banner year for VR arcades. One such company, ” The Void “, opened up a location in early March and I had the chance to visit on opening day with my friend Tyler who was gracious enough initially to test games/demos there with me before I wrote reviews.

Here we are again; this time we’re taking a look at Shooty Fruity, developed by nDreams and released (for free) on January 9th 2019. The game uses full-body tracking which enables you to duck down behind counters and climb onto shelves, crates etc… It’s very similar to Island359 which I reviewed on February 13th 2018 minus the dinosaurs.

In Shooty Fruity, you play as a new hire at “Fruity and Delicious”, a place of seemingly endless wonderment. Your job is to scan items from shelf to shelf of fruit that comes down from above, boxing them up for delivery. The catch of course is that there are humanoid robots with insatiable appetites wandering around… looking for humans to eat! You use your shield (blocks bullets for a limited time) and your gun (for taking out the robots) in order to defend yourself from said robot hordes.

The game tasks you with performing all manner of tasks such as scanning more than one item at a time or using items in creative ways to combat the robot hordes. The game is well designed and very fun, but it can get repetitive at times which was disappointing for me as I enjoyed my time playing through different levels.

The best thing about Shooty Fruity is its’ price tag: FREE! For VR arcade owners, this is an invaluable tool for getting players into your arcade on a budget. New players are more likely to try out your games if they’re free or relatively cheap (under $5) with solid replay value. Additionally, by having the game be full-body tracked means that each player has their own space meaning they don’t have to worry about bumping elbows with strangers in front of them… not something most people want to deal with when you’re in a relaxing VR setting.

In terms of the scope and scale of Shooty Fruity, I give it a 9/10. The gameplay is great and with no skill cap or unlockable items, there’s very little to keep you from coming back for more over and over again! For players who can’t afford $5/play, this will provide countless hours of entertainment at no cost except the time it takes to download (~1 hour).

For arcade owners, I give it an 8/10. While this won’t win any new customers on its’ own merit due to the lack of violence (shooting scene), it WILL be one of your most played games by returning customers (provided they can play more than once). This is due to the fact that the game only costs $0 (or free) and it’s very easy and intuitive for players of all walks of life. If you can make a 3 player Shooty Fruity station, I’d recommend doing so as you’ll most likely turn out a profit.

All in all, Shooty Fruity is a great game! It’s both fun and visually stimulating but will not win over any new customers on its’ own merits alone. If you’re an arcade owner looking to offset your hardware costs or want something with good replay value then look no further; Shooty Fruity is what you’ve been searching for!

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