Samsung VR Videos (No longer available) Review

Samsung VR Videos is a virtual reality app that allows users to watch 360° videos on their Samsung VR headset. This app has a good selection of different video types and is supported by most current VR headsets, except for Oculus Rift S and HTC Vive Pro.

In the brand new Oculus Quest headset, the user interface feels very intuitive and smooth both when you are scrolling through the video list and when you are navigating the videos.

The different video types are displayed in their own carrousel but are also available on a more detailed page including previews of the available videos. The user can choose between being in ‘VR Mode’ or ‘Desktop Mode’. In VR Mode there is no window around the video so that your headset becomes your monitor, which makes it completely immersive for any type of experience. This mode is only available with Oculus Rift S and HTC Vive Pro.

For users of other headsets, it can sometimes be distracting to have a window around the screen while watching videos because they will see their desk or a living room instead of being fully immersed in an environment. Also, it can make some people feel nauseous when they see their surroundings while watching a VR video.

This is why it can be very useful that the user has the option to watch the videos in Desktop Mode, where there will just be a small window around your video.

All of this makes for an amazing user interface and makes it easy to find any type of 360° experience you are looking for.

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