RUSH Review

The game RUSH was created and published by the American company, Survios. The game was released for Oculus Quest on April 2nd, 2019.

RUSH is a Virtual Reality (VR) videogame presenting an arcade-styled sci-fi shooter taking place in real-world locations such as Hong Kong and Dubai. However, the player will only see these beautiful cities through their lense of a gun fighting off hordes of evil robots who want nothing more than to destroy you. How do they accomplish this? By coming up from all angles around you to attack with whatever weapon is at hand – but you have guns too! Like any good first-person shooter (FPS), there are guns a’plenty to pick up and it even gets more intense when you start earning power-ups that equip you with rockets or flamethrowers or electric bullets.

Though the game is really just another FPS, it differentiates itself in two ways: 1) its use of VR and 2) its track system. The world around you appears suddenly one day, only to find your home city was not immune to this changed reality – there are volcanoes erupting next door and evil robots crawling all over the place. Survios has done an impressive job detailing their VR world with small touches like birds flying overhead, dust kicking up next to your feet, and smouldering ashes floating comfortably down onto the ground. The track system works by holding on a touchpad on either hand controller to start the game. As you move your arms around, your view within VR follows them accordingly. It seems like an inception type of movement system but it really does work well and feels natural.

The game’s difficulty is adjustable which is always a welcome feature for VR games – especially for VR gamers who may be new to their system or just want something less intensive than usual. Once the player gets into the groove of things, they can crank up the difficulty and challenge themselves even more with faster enemies that throw more projectiles, additional laser-shooting robots, and stronger bosses. If RUSH has one downside it would be its repetitiveness, but Survios makes up for this by adding in extra challenges – such as collecting keys to unlock doors and additional challenges such as not taking any damage – that add extra replay value.

In conclusion, RUSH is a great game to play on Oculus Quest whether it be in short bursts or long sessions. Survios has done an excellent job breathing life into their VR world with small but immersive touches that make the player feel like they are actually in this arching sci-fi warzone. However, I do think that there could have been more variety in environment and enemies rather than just repeating the same locations throughout the game. Other than that, RUSH shines bright with its arcade-style gameplay mechanics and simple controls making for an enjoyable experience every time you pick up your controller


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