Richie’s Plank Experience Review

Overall I think the game is solid. It’s not really like a “game” because it has no levels, objectives, story or anything along those lines. You just walk around on a plank and experience things while you do this.

I really enjoyed the fact that the plank is floating in mid-air and there is nothing beneath you so you can fall down to your death if you aren’t careful which makes every single movement feel weighty and important. The sounds of wind rushing by add to how immersive everything feels too, which was very nice to notice since I don’t think it was intended but I also noticed that when there were no people around there were fewer birds too.

There are four different modes that you can do right now. However, mode 3 and mode 4 are locked unless you pay a premium to unlock them respectively. This is a bit unfortunate but all the other modes feel very different from each other which makes it worth it regardless of having only three out of four available.

The first mode is what they call “Praise Mode” and as far as I can tell this is just an introduction to things. You stand on the plank and look at some people praising you before looking around at your surroundings for a little while. Then after those few minutes, it ends and sends you back to the main menu where you have to select which mode you want next if not returning home first or quitting entirely since quitting mid-session takes about thirty seconds.

The second mode is called “Meditation Mode” and it’s also not really an official game mode but this one feels more like playing a game than the first even though it isn’t. You stand on the plank and look around at things that are themed differently depending on where you are because there are different locations for this to happen. There aren’t any challenges or anything since these meditative experiences are entirely about you looking around the surroundings, seeing the sights and hearing what is happening in them. These can last anywhere from thirty seconds to several minutes depending on how long you want them to be which I found very nice since I was able to get into some of them even though I didn’t expect myself to.

Then there is the third mode which is the one that was locked when I first started playing so this took me by surprise considering how short the other two modes felt. This mode is called “Danger Mode” and all you do here is look around while standing on a plank. There are birds for you to watch, there are little workers going back and forth doing things while making noises and there’s a surrounding view of a city that you can look over if you want. None of these things really add much value to what this mode does but they still make it feel different from the others even though the only difference from either of them is having more people around in this one.

Finally, there’s what they consider to be the “official game” which is called “Bucket List Mode”. This is where you stand on the plank and look around while using a menu to pick different objectives for yourself like standing still without looking down, staring at an eagle flying, seeing how long you can hold your breath and other things like these. They all take place in one location which makes them feel repetitive after a while but because there are so many of them I found myself enjoying this mode the most since it was the closest thing this game had to be its own game instead of just being something that’s good for inspiring me to have fun with VR in general.

If any of these modes sound interesting to you, try playing them! The free version has enough content in it for what I consider to be only about the price of a pair of socks if they were priced as a normal video game despite having less content than what I would typically call “a demo” but considering how short the other modes felt, this was ok.

Finally, if none of these modes sounds interesting or uninterested to you then simply don’t play it!

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