Rez Infinite Review

“Experience 360 degrees of mind-blowing synesthesia as you blast and devour enemies in full virtual reality. Enhance your gameplay experience even further with the Trance Vibrator peripheral, which you can combine with the PS VR or Oculus Touch controllers for additional modes and features.”

Rez Infinite is a music video game created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi and published by Enhance. It is released for PS4, PSVR, PS Vita, Xbox One, Windows PC (Steam), Oculus Rift/Touch and HTC Vive on a TBD date in 2017.

In Rez Infinite you are put into a virtual world with quite a few things going on at once all around you. But the main point is to shoot enemies while listening to some sick music. The soundtrack can easily get stuck in your head pretty quickly after playing it for more than 5 minutes even though I’ve played this game 3 times now already. Other modes that alter gameplay mechanics is when using the Trance Vibrator peripheral or combining it with the Oculus Touch controller which turns layers off of the VR experience by essentially turning them into touchable areas.

After playing the game multiple times, you begin to learn each part of each level by heart because it can feel very repetitive at times. But one cool thing I noticed about this is the little things that make the core mechanics stay fresh after multiple playthroughs. For example, there’s a time where enemies will only spawn on your right side for a given amount of time which is something you wouldn’t be able to notice until your 3rd or 4th playthrough unless you’re paying attention closely. The replayability value isn’t too high because once you beat it once with all the endings/game modes available then there’s not really anything else to do except try beating it again with higher difficulties and score attack mode which makes gameplay faster and harder which is cool but not as cool as the main story mode. I would say it’s probably better to play this one with a friend if you can because beat ’em’ ups and cooperative games are always better that way (unless you’re like me and like playing solo).

Overall, Rez Infinite is an amazing game to play in VR especially with friends. Beating it on normal difficulty alone will keep you busy for several hours even though it might feel repetitive at times. It’s also pretty expensive ($29.99) as of now unless you can get a nice deal on it somehow or know somebody who has the game already (which is very possible). The Trance Vibrator peripheral gets mixed reviews from people because some people have a hard time fitting it on their body/finding the perfect way to hold it so that’s another thing to consider.

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