Républic VR Review

I really like to be able to enjoy the game République VR, it’s a very intriguing game.

The controls are not annoying and kinda work well with the Oculus remote, but sometimes the controls do not want to allow you to go where you want or look at what you need to. You can only walk forward in most places, and the light blue arrow to indicate you’re going in the right direction is not very helpful. You have to be looking at it or else you’ll just keep turning left trying to go forward.

The other controls are a bit confusing as well – I don’t understand how you pick up stuff, open doors, etc. Maybe I’m just missing something somewhere but it doesn’t seem like there’s a tutorial of any sort either.

I think this game would be better if they had decided to put some sort of controller into your hand that actually lets you move around and interact with things like buttons and such (similar to Robo Recall for Oculus Rift). That would make everything feel more natural and fun instead of having… virtual arrow keys and virtual buttons on a screen.

The graphics are really good, even for an older game like this. You can tell what everything is supposed to be and it all looks pretty realistic as far as the environment goes.

But the dialogue seems a little messed up. There are some characters that have their mouths moving, but nothing is coming out at all, and then there’s one character who just says “uhh” or something like that if you’re trying to talk to him.

It’s a little annoying but I just keep skipping the dialogue.

The story is really good, even if it hasn’t been completed yet. You can still kind of see how it ended (or will end) and I’m looking forward to seeing more of this game and learning the rest of the backstory.

I like République VR because you can really see where all of your hard work pays off since everything came together so well with very few glitches here and there. It has an awesome concept that makes me want to keep playing for as long as possible to find out more about the world within this game!

I think everyone should try out République VR at least once because it’s something different from most virtual reality games

I do think that they need to make more of these games where you can move around however you want instead of being limited by the controls how they are now – I got very frustrated with having to figure out how to open doors when I knew there was something behind them but couldn’t shoot my way through or pick up anything in front of me because the controls were cycling between actions instead of doing what I wanted them to do.

So overall I’d give this game 3 stars – the story is pretty interesting and I like to play it every now and then, but sometimes I just get frustrated with the controls.

It’s very enjoyable though so if you enjoy games where you can follow a relatively complex storylinea through several different episodes, this is for sure one of those games.

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