Red Bull TV Review

Red Bull TV (RBT) is a streaming application (available on all major VR platforms), which offers an immense amount of sports and entertainment content. Amongst these are various motorsports such as motorcycle racing, drifting, Rallycross, Formula 1 and NASCAR. RBT offers extremely high-quality streams with minimal lag or micro-stutters (the latter occurring when the framerate (fps) drops below the required 45 fps needed to maintain a presence). Due to this, I would recommend people use it as their main VR media player for watching movies and videos.

Additionally, should you own a ‘Quest’ you should not hesitate to buy this app if you enjoy watching motorsports! The convenience and immersion of having so much great VR content in one place outweigh the not-so-cheap price of admission (2.99 Euros).

If you are interested in sports, but motorsports aren’t your thing, then RBT still has plenty to offer! It features documentaries like ‘Beyond the Lights’ and ‘Iconic: Robbie More Vale’, as well as shows like ‘The Boonies’ which is about hunting for rare cars.

Anyway, hopefully, I’ve persuaded some of you who own a Quest to give it a try if you don’t already have it. If you do already own it…well…you should probably buy this app anyway! That’s my opinion at least… 🙂

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