Rec Room Review

Hello, my name is Kevin S., and I recently downloaded ‘Rec Room’ on my Oculus Quest 2. Here’s what I think of it.

The game let me create an avatar of myself to go through the room with other people.

The game took me into its first area where I tried out bowling, tennis, dodgeball, disc golf, robot defence (which was like a tower defence), and shooting gallery. Bowling was challenging but it added a new level of fun to the game since I never used my body’s movements before to help me score points. Tennis was good too, and it took a lot of practice to get better at that as well.

Dodgeball and disc golf was almost like physical sports; they were very hard to get good at. I like how the game played, though. Robot defence was my favourite challenge because it also took skill and I could make strategies on which type of blocks to put down where; it was really fun.

The shooting gallery had me shoot targets with paintball guns–I didn’t like that game as much.

The game also had a lot of other things to do, like ‘Longest Jump’ and paintball. I tried out both but didn’t really get into them. The Longest Jump was very hard to get good at and the only way I could use it well as if I jumped against an obstacle so that I’d jump forward a lot. I don’t like that you can only jump onto a single platform at a time with that one, and then the paintball was just shooting other people with paintball guns–very simple compared to some of the other games you can play.

Overall, ‘Rec Room’ is an excellent game for people who want to interact with others by doing physical things such as playing sports and it’s worth checking out.

-Kevin S., 8th grade student

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