Ragnarock Review

In the game ‘Ragnarock,’ you play as a young girl named Leena. You have no memories at the beginning of this journey, so finding out about your past and why you’re in a fantasy world is up to you! The whole idea of this game is simple – there are quests that involve going from point A to B. And killing enemies along the way. Each quest has a reward for doing it well, and if the result isn’t satisfactory then it’s clear that something went wrong with your approach. There are 4 different types of quests: normal, collection, kill & boss.

The first time I heard about Ragnarock was from my friend calling me over to her house one day after school because she wanted me to try out this game she just bought. I wasn’t really sure how it would turn out, but I was willing to give it a go.

I popped the game into my ps4 and began playing. Ragnarock’s character design is actually pretty good, I enjoyed the drawings of all the monsters and bosses you encounter! The music in the game was nothing special though; it sounded like something that could easily be found on Spotify or Pandora with no issues.

The gameplay itself isn’t too bad either – there are plenty of quests to do which will keep you occupied for hours (if not days) on end! However, if you’re like me then you’ll probably start running out of quests after your first playthrough with one or two new quests being added after a few more playthroughs.

Plot & Writing

I have to say that this is the weakest point about Ragnarock – I don’t think it applies to just me, but a huge majority of people who have played this game. The protagonist isn’t very memorable and the dialogue is fairly generic with quests given out by NPCs you meet along the way. A bad example would be ‘my mom said I can’t go outside today’ or ‘oh no it’s raining again, I hate rain.’ Even for someone like me who has been craving a new RPG/adventure type of game for a while now, it still feels pretty lacklustre in terms of writing and character development.

The main goal in this game is to find out about Leena’s past. You do this by talking to NPCs or by journal entries that are scattered throughout the world. Once you collect all the journals in your current playthrough there isn’t really anything else to do except play again and go after different quests.

I’m not sure if I was expecting too much out of Ragnarock, but for $20 USD it definitely did not live up to my expectations nor did it provide me with many hours of entertainment until boredom kicked in. For anyone looking for a game like this though it might be suitable, just don’t expect any mind-blowing plot twists or an exciting adventure.

Recommendation: No — All around, I wouldn’t recommend taking the plunge into this game unless you really have nothing else to play. In that case, give it a go and see how you feel about the story.

In closing, I would just say that Ragnarock is not a bad game – but there are games out there much better than this one. I’ve played plenty of these types of adventure games which made it so much harder for me to enjoy this one as much as I wanted to. With all this being said though, I do believe that if you really want a new RPG style game then by all means check out Ragnarock!

Happy gaming!

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