Radial-G: Proteus Review

It’s been a while since we’ve seen any ‘good’ racing games on the Oculus Quest, and even longer since we saw an actual (un-shitty) arcade racing game. Radial-G Proteus has finally answered this demand with its recent release.

The game gives you an immersive way to sit down for up to 4 players split screen multiplayer with only one controller needed at a time. A friend of mine who usually doesn’t enjoy VR games had spent hours playing this title just because of how fun it was to play against other people in VR so I’d give that point for social VR immersion. There are several different vehicles you can choose from including race cars, planes, ships, motorcycles and even hoverboards!

The visuals and the music in this game were both great and really gave an immersive, futuristic arcade feel to it. There are several different tracks that all run at a silky smooth 90fps which is pretty impressive for 4 player split-screen! One thing that bothered me however was the number of ads between every single track change, even when you get back to the main menu. I get it, devs gotta make money somehow but there needs to be a better way than interrupting all my races with ads or telling me ‘your vehicle is about to explode’ between turns…

The scoring system itself seems pretty generous, especially if you’re good at racing games. Getting second place usually nets you more points than actually winning 1st place because there’s no first place winner trophies or anything. The gameplay itself is pretty smooth and not as unforgiving as the last racing game I reviewed so for that, points for forgiving and fun racing.

There’s a ‘leaderboard’ system where you can check how your friends are doing in their online races but honestly, I couldn’t find it. So this might be one area of improvement that could go into the next update. Other than that, if you’re looking to play an interesting arcade racing game with very little input lag and great visuals then Radial-G: Proteus should be at the top of your list.

Score: 8/10 – Very fun 4 players multiplayer split-screen racer with gorgeous visuals & good variety of music 👍👍 Plus its only $7.99 on the Oculus Store so I’d say it’s a great deal for what you get!

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