Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR Review

Racket Fury is a ping-pong VR game on Oculus Quest, where you play as a table tennis player who has to beat his opponent. The sound of the ball bouncing off the rackets makes it seem pretty realistic, and I think that’s what makes this game stand out from other VR games, alongside three exciting modes -Arcade, Tournament and Training.

Training mode is great for learning the ropes of table tennis since it’s easy to control which lets you practice your serve and gain confidence in playing this game. For example, I was able to serve six straight times in a row before my opponent returned one. Then, when I played Arcade mode against the CPU, I won all but one game because of how much experience I’d gained from earlier on. Even though having arcade mode separate from tournament mode seems like an unnecessary choice by the developers at first glance, they made it so that players can focus on other things instead of having to win every time – you can either try to get as many points as possible without losing too many games or aim for gold medals which are the only way to unlock new opponents. I like this idea since it can make players feel excited (to get something new) or relaxed (because you’re not expected to do well every time).

Tournament mode is where Racket Fury really shines – you can compete against 27 opponents, with AI ranging from easy games for practice to difficult matches that take some real skill and thought to win. There are three difficulty levels above “easy” which challenge you further, so seasoned players will have a great time too. The opponents are well-designed because each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses, so instead of just being challenging all the time they play differently at different times too – making sure there’s always something new for players.

Arcade mode has a couple of neat additions as well – you can play against an opponent in first-person mode, which makes it easier to aim for those long-distance shots that would be hard to otherwise, and there’s also a two-player mode where you can partner up or take on AI for some doubles table tennis. I think this game is really fun both alone and with friends and the price isn’t too bad either – because it doesn’t cost any money! The only downsides I can see for this game are its lack of realistic graphics (which isn’t too big of a deal) and no online multiplayer, although that could potentially raise the problem of getting shot by experienced players who’ve been playing longer than you. Rating: 8.5/10

Pros: – Great gameplay that changes as you play it more, with difficulty levels suiting different types of players (beginner to experienced) – Arcade mode is fun and has Single-player vs CPU and two-player modes Cons: – Graphics aren’t realistic

Recommendation: I would recommend this game for people who like ping-pong games or playing sports in VR. However, if you want more realistic graphics I would recommend looking up other ping-pong games on Oculus Quest instead. Also, if you don’t like action games at all, maybe try something else!

Overall, Racket Fury is a must-have game for any VR enthusiast with Oculus Quest.

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