Raccoon Lagoon Review

The creators of Defense Grid 2: Enhanced VR Edition and Brass Tactics, Hidden Path Entertainment, launched their newest game. It’s named Raccoon Lagoon. In addition to stories and missions, the island features Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley-style activities.

You will help animals in this game. They are marooned sailors, so they are stranded on an island. You have to help them build a home and rebuild the island.

You are right away introduced to the game and learn how to get around. You start by helping sailors who are stranded on an island. They need things like shells, wood, or fish. So you can trade with them for what they need if you find it first.

The people on the island can give you hearts. Use these hearts to get goods or go to new places on the island. You can also use them to trade with other people for different things. As you progress, there will be more biomes in Raccoon Lagoon you can explore not just eight.

In the game, the floor is sometimes at your waist level. I think this can be uncomfortable. It would be more fun if my real world height was reflected in the game.

It’s complicated for me to express my feelings on this issue. On the one hand, the island is huge, and it takes time to discover each ecosystem. Furthermore, basic multiplayer capability was included with the game at launch, allowing you to play against or with friends. There isn’t much happening in terms of multiplayer right now, but there is potential for some entertaining mini-games as future updates are released.

The gameplay may feel rather stale at times, as you’re essentially repeating the same activity over and over until you’ve unlocked all biomes. Despite the game’s size, how much you enjoy this type of gameplay will determine how much you like it. After only a short time, it begins to feel like a chore for me.

Do you like Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing? Is Raccoon Lagoon the place for you? Despite its identical gameplay and occasional grinding, this is a fantastic casual game for fans of the puzzle and construction genres. If the developer can remedy their performance issues and provide extra multiplayer capability in future updates, this game has the potential to become a hit.

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