Prison Boss VR Review

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the thrill of being a prison boss, now’s your chance with Prison Boss VR. Released on Oculus Quest by System Era Softworks, the original Prison Boss was released on PC back in 2016. The aim is simple: create an ideal holding cell for your prisoners.

With 50 levels and three different modes, there are plenty of options to choose from when playing Prison Boss VR. You can choose between sandbox mode where there are no restrictions, ten-minute time attack or five-minute endless sandbox challenge modes. Each mode offers something unique but some may find it difficult to stick with one game mode as they each offer vastly different experiences which will appeal to separate audiences.

Sandbox mode allows you to build your own prison to your heart’s content. You can build basic cells or intricate cell blocks all the way up to the large expansive jails of one hundred prisoners with ease.

The ten-minute time attack mode requires you to create a jail in such a way that will maximize comfort and security while using minimal material and staff. The prisons also come with two additional objectives: the minimum requirement for each type of prisoner and the maximum number for each type of prisoner. For example, if there are twenty rooms, at least five must be individual rooms and no more than thirteen single. Once this mode is selected, you’re thrown into sandbox mode where you can construct your ideal facility without any other restrictions; it’s worth noting that both sandbox and time attack modes allow you to create anything you want, so there are no restrictions on this mode either.

The challenge modes however are where the game truly shines. Endless mode puts you in a prison which is already built up to approximately half capacity and your only goal is to expand it to full capacity without running out of money or materials. There are various tools given to help with this but not enough that the process becomes too easy. The fact that you’re always gaining more prisoners means that balancing comfort and security will be key, but it also comes down to what materials are available at any one time as well since they will eventually run out if not used sparingly which can make things difficult when creating an adequately sized jail for 100 people without cutting too many corners.

Aesthetically, Prison Boss VR is simple but well designed. While not particularly striking in terms of graphics, what is there serves its purpose well enough to be pleasing to the eyes. The controls are responsive and easy to grasp which makes everything that much easier when attempting to build a functional prison with ease.

Overall, Prison Boss VR offers something for everyone. Sandbox mode allows you to create anything your heart desires while challenge modes require more thought put into them without being so restrictive as other games in the genre which can appeal to both casual and experienced gamers alike. Thanks to an intuitive control scheme and simple yet satisfying gameplay, it’s worth checking out if you own an Oculus Quest or want an immersive way of escapism other than gaming.

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