PokerStars VR Review

” It shows that VR has a long way to go until it can appeal to the masses. “

This is probably the biggest understatement of 2018. To call PokerStars VR ‘not appealing’ would be almost charitable. When compared to other games on the Oculus Quest, this one should have been left behind in early development. While some may enjoy poker, I’m sure they aren’t too keen on playing an asynchronous multiplayer game while wearing a headset for hours at a time.

This game was not purchased by me personally, but rather by my brother who knew nothing about Virtual Reality or how it works. He purchased it because he liked playing poker with his friends back in the day and thought he could get something similar out of this experience.” On the topic of characters, there is nothing to say. There are no character models in this game. “

This comment may be quite literal, as the only ‘character’ I found during my time with the game was a plate of fruit and a wall. The environment is lacking any sort of interactivity or imagination whatsoever and often didn’t even feel finished

While my brother and I were playing we would often catch ourselves wondering why they didn’t just use an already established poker table for this virtual experience rather than creating something that looked very unprofessional and unfinished. When my brother brought up that they could have just used a desktop version of PokerStars VR he got his valid point across quite well as it’s clear the developer went through practically no effort to make this VR experience anything more than ‘meh’.

“I wouldn’t even really call this a game, but rather an experiment. For now, it’s best to avoid this one until they decide to market it as something other than poker.”

This virtual reality game was created by LuckyVR, which has yet to release any other VR experiences. While the studio is relatively new on the scene there is no reason for them not to make better use of their time with Virtual Reality. The fact that they decided to take on PokerStars makes me think they didn’t exactly have much faith in what kind of reviews this title would get, and I can confirm that those reviews are accurate. Don’t waste your money or your time with this game.

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