Ninja Legends Review

Ninja Legends is a beautiful game that takes advantage of the functionalities of the latest virtual reality technology while not forgetting what made games fun in the first place. The graphics are charming, colourful, and polished to perfection. There are three different characters you can choose from for play, each with their own unique abilities. And the gameplay is fluid and smooth as the character’s movements. It is a game that can be enjoyed alone or by up to four players with just one headset and only one controller needed. This is because of how it uses the “multi-controller” technology that Oculus has co-developed for this very purpose, which was first introduced at the first Oculus developers conference in 2018 and then again during E3 2019. As well as being able to read your facial expressions via the camera on the front of the headset, so you don’t have to keep taking off your headset to check if everyone is enjoying yourself or not.

It really feels like something fun that everyone could enjoy playing together, regardless of age or gender preference, because there are no high scores keeping track of who has won against who. The only thing that matters is having fun as a team, getting to know each other, and bonding with those around you. Togetherness is the keyword here. That’s what it reminds me of at least. This game was developed by a small company that seems to have been started by a group of friends who love games because they’re fun first and foremost, not just a way for developers to make money from children using their parents’ credit cards on expensive consoles and VR headsets which you need an expensive PC or laptop to run properly. It’s called Ninja Legends because it does remind me very much of the classic arcade beat ’em up games such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time (1991), X-Men (1992), and the classic side-scrolling fighting game series The King of Fighters (1994), but with a modern twist that makes it more than just another nostalgic game. It’s almost like an amalgamation of all my favourite games rolled up into one, wrapped in a cute colourful package, tied with a pretty purple bow on top.

The graphics are so good I could eat them with a spoon! That really made me thirsty for some ice cream! Or even half-melted chocolate fudge popsicles or ice lollies would do. Just thinking about how sweet the sound is making my mouth water.

Wait no, now I’ve got it will you look at this? And if you think playing by yourself isn’t fun enough then there is also the multiplayer mode which allows up to four players to join in on the fun. The only downside is that you will need an extra controller and another headset and that it can’t be played over Xbox Live or PSN. But other than that it’s really still one of my favourite VR games I’ve ever played because not only can you play by yourself but if you want to play with friends too, without having to split-screen or play against each other like in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (2017) or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018), then this is the game for you!

As the game is set in ancient Japan this means you can use weapons such as shurikens, katanas, explosives, and all sorts of stuff that was used during the revolt against the Shogunate. And even though they’re just 3D models it still adds to the immersion of being able to use these realistic-looking weapons on your enemies. Which are made out of silly putty or something because one-hit kills them which is so satisfying!

However, you can also play with your bare hands if you prefer a more hand-to-hand approach… but I really wouldn’t recommend it because it’s much slower and clunkier than using swords for example. Although there are different difficulty settings depending on how challenging you want the game to

be, such as easy, normal and hard. There are also different difficulties for the enemies’ artificial intelligence too so that they don’t become too predictable or repetitive when you fight them. On top of all this, there’s also a local co-op mode where you can help your friends and family with an extra pair of hands in solving puzzles and unlocking doors to secret areas together!

I’ve eaten bananas before, but never have I had one follow me home out of my own will! That’s how good the graphics are! It was like it wanted to be taken away instead of me taking it away from wherever it came from?

Also, another thing I really love is the collecting system which allows you to unlock new characters by finding scrolls throughout levels which you can then use to unlock them and play as them! They include a blonde-haired male ninja, a pink-haired female fox, and an orange-haired monkey! And even though they all look very similar you can tell which is which because of their different fighting styles. I personally try not to judge people by the colour of their skin or the way they look but I know some people do so maybe this game might help with breaking down those barriers.

At least make the black one green instead of blue? Seeing as it’s never political correctness gone mad… But what about pay-to-win elements? Well, there aren’t any microtransactions in here that allow you to buy powerups or extra lives using real money. Which makes it one of the fairest and balanced games ever made.

Obviously, there are ads every now and then which you can only watch for a certain amount of seconds before it gives you an option to skip them or not, which is something I think everyone should be entitled to choose if they want to watch them or not.

The graphics are so good I could eat them with a spoon! Which makes it one of the best VR games ever released on the Oculus Quest 2! Therefore I have rated this game 10/10 stars! And would rate even higher if there were more than 10 possible choices because that’s just how good this game is!!!

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