Multiverse Review

To begin, Multiverse is a virtual reality game developed by Psytec Games. In the game, players can ‘possess’ creatures and use their unique abilities to reach areas that they were unable to at first. There are four different worlds that you may travel to Hexland, a land of green hills and pink fluffs; Citadel, a stark white world with cubes and pyramids; Monolith, a grey world of cubes, wheels, and towers; and Iridescence, a purple world of triangles.

What is most remarkable about Multiverse is its gameplay. With the Oculus Touch controllers, you are able to grab orbs that correspond with specific creatures which you may possess. The creatures will then be assigned to the orb that you took, meaning that if you drop the orb, it will fall into the world below. At first, this seems like an annoyance, but it is truly remarkable how different each of these worlds is.

For example, in Hexland, where the ground is made up of grassy hills, you are ableto turn into a creature that is able to jump high. In Citadel, where the ground is white with cubes, you can possess a cube and roll around from place to place. In Monolith, possessing a wheel allows you to easily move from tower-to-tower in order to reach your destination. And in Iridescence, a triangle will allow you to climb over structures with ease.

It is evident that each of these worlds was designed with care, moving from one to another can be done by selecting the world you wish to travel to. This is also remarkable because different angles are required in order for your player’s avatar to jump properly; if this angle is not right, they will not be able to jump, a mechanic that makes the game more difficult.

The creature’s abilities are not the only thing that change; the world itself changes with them. For example, in Hexland, there will be pink fluffs that can jump up and grab you which takes away one of your three lives. This means that perception is necessary to play this game successfully.

As stated before, Multiverse features four different worlds, but this should not take away from how fun it is. The unique obstacles make each world enjoyable to explore and even better when compared to other virtual reality games available on the market today. As a whole, Multiverse is an unparalleled virtual reality experience where sensory elements come together perfectly for entertaining gameplay which can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

Multiverse also features an interesting storyline where you find yourself in a different world after being sucked into a black hole. In each world, there is a distinct feeling of loneliness and curiosity, which is not surprising given how different each of them is from one another. As you go through these worlds you may learn more about yourself and the planet that you came from.

In conclusion, Multiverse is an engaging and immersive virtual reality game that features four different worlds and a fun and interesting storyline. Each world has its own puzzles and guards which make it both entertaining and difficult to play. Multiverse should be played by those who enjoy virtual reality games as well as those looking for an interesting story.

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