Moss Review

Moss is a game about an adventurous mouse who explores the ruins of her world. She’s not alone-a little sparrow follows behind, cheering Moss on as she jumps, climbs, and solves puzzles

You have complete control over Moss through your gaze with just one controller for both Moss and the bird. You can easily move around with head movements or by looking at different pathways in front of you to point out where to go next. With no buttons needed for gameplay, it’s easy to pick up even if you haven’t played many games before

The developers are also working on adding Oculus Touch controls so that players will be able to interact more directly with their environment which should make this already beautiful game even better

The game is intended to be played seated or standing, with support for both room-scale and two-sensor configurations. The game has a very comfortable locomotion style that’s easy to get used to

There was one area where I felt uncomfortable moving around in the first person because it would jerk suddenly every time the sparrow moved suddenly, but all of the other areas were perfectly fine. If you’re sensitive to movement like this though, it might not be the best fit for you so keep that in mind if you pick up Moss

I’ve had more fun playing Moss than most games I’ve played on any platform over the past few years. Its beautiful sense of atmosphere sucks me into its world every time and I can’t wait to see what the developers add in future updates

The sparrow is one of my favorite characters in a game period, and all of the other animals make me feel like Moss’s world really exists somewhere out there. Every time I find something new to interact with it makes me think about why this world was lost long ago

I hope that more people get a chance to play this wonderful game because even though I’m only halfway through it, I already want more. There’s always a sense of mystery around what’s going on but at the same time, each area feels grounded enough that you’re still learning things along the way, so you never stop being excited for whatever comes next It’s one of the most immersive games I’ve ever played, and it has me genuinely excited to see what’s coming next.

I hope that this encourages you to buy and play the game! It is one of my favorites for VR and I think you will enjoy it too.

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