MLB VR Review

This is a review of the MLB VR game on Oculus Quest. I have not played any other version of this game, whether on PC or console.

I’m going to keep it as short and concise as possible because after 2 innings I couldn’t take it anymore. On the surface, the graphics are smooth and detailed with a bright palette that pops out from the screen. However, this is where the good stuff ends. The mechanics are simply wrong – for example, you can pitch from left-field to right-field without throwing overhand – which would be fine if there were multiple pitches or stances that actually worked correctly – but no such luck! In fact, most of what you try to do in this game doesn’t work properly: hitting, throwing, catching, running. The collision detection is just plain bad – once you’re on base, the entire diamond is your oyster! This game doesn’t even need to be played with other players, because there’s no penalty for running past them; it’s like they aren’t even there. If I could give this game zero stars I would. (side note: according to the “in-game” stat panel at the bottom of my screen ‘The Show’ is 0-2)”Small Piece Of Candy In The Presence Of A Vending Machine Doesn’t Guarantee A Purchase”

I do not recommend this product to anyone unless you’re a masochist. And if you are, go ahead and download it, because the graphics are pretty nice!

I honestly don’t understand why this game has such high reviews; perhaps it would work better on PC but as far as Quest goes – avoid it at all costs.

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