MelodyVR Review

“MelodyVR is a VR music experience developed by Melody VR Inc. In this article, I will be discussing the upcoming Oculus Quest release of MelodyVR and how it compares to the previous versions of the game.


The original MelodVR was released for Samsung Gear VR in December 2017, with a Playstation VR version following soon after in April 2018. A PC version was also released allowing players to play on an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift later that year as well as supporting more features such as multiplayer mode and improved audio quality & graphical capabilities. However, the new development team decided to put those plans on hold last year so they could focus on developing MelodyVR for platforms such as Oculus Quest instead which has been released today (29/4/19)

What is it?

MelodyVR is a VR music experience where players can create their own songs. The game allows users to generate any genre of songs they want, be it Pop, Rock or Classical by using an in-game keyboard which shows up on the touch controller when selected. Players are able to choose between 3 different types of keys & 2 drum pads which will allow them to change the sound dynamically depending on what you press down on them. You can even record your own samples into MelodyVR if you have something that you want to use. This adds massive amounts of creativity for players as they are able to basically remaster songs from popular artists right in VR! However, this does come with its own disadvantages as it takes a lot of practice to get the right sounds from the keyboard.

In terms of gameplay, MelodyVR is somewhat similar to games such as Guitar Hero in which players hit different keys at certain moments when they come up on your touch controller. You can also set free mode for a more relaxed experience if you want to go back and play old songs or create something completely new. Multiplayer mode is another added feature where users can choose between co-op & versus modes, allowing themselves or others to become a DJ instead! Players will be able to take turns with each other using the same keyboard and switch out whenever they wish. This adds tons of replay value especially when you have friends who share similar interests!

In addition to that, MelodyVR will be including a store in-game where players can purchase different clothing options to style their characters with. These include new hats, shirts with logos on them and more! Players will level up as they continue to play the game and unlock new items along the way which is a very good incentive for people who want to keep playing.

In terms of the music itself, players are able to choose from over 700 songs from various artists such as Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande & many more! With the ability to add your own sounds, this makes for endless possibilities in terms of making your own songs or remixing popular ones by heart.

Is it worth getting?

MelodyVR is an experience unlike any other when it comes to VR. There is nothing like this out there (that I know of) and the game sets itself apart from other music games due to its creative aspects. The fact that players are able to create their own songs in VR is one thing, but the fact that they can remix popular songs by well-known artists makes it even better! This allows for a sense of creativity for people who have never considered themselves singers or songwriters before which is amazing.

In terms of gameplay, MelodyVR does have some issues in terms of how difficult it can be at times. Some keys are far more tricky than others when it comes to hitting them especially if you’re not looking directly at them! Plus it doesn’t help that keys disappear when they are hit which can be very bothersome. However, this is something that the developers are aware of and have announced plans to improve in a future update so it will definitely get better over time!

All in all, MelodyVR is an experience that everyone who owns an Oculus Quest should try. With tons of replay value especially with multiplayer mode, you’re bound to have some fun times with friends while having complete creative control over your own song! This game has done what I didn’t think was possible when it comes to music games and opens up new possibilities for other games like this in the future.

Give it a try! You won’t regret it!

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