Lies Beneath Review

Lies Beneath is an underwater adventure game that focuses on telling a story about family, loss and mystery. You play as Calypso “Callie” Briggs, the teenage daughter of Roberta “Roberta” Jones who disappeared when Callie was just five years old. One day while diving in the middle of nowhere with her trusty friend Maren, Callie finds a treasure map belonging to her mother that could lead to the discovery of what really happened on that fateful day.

“Lies Beneath” was released for PC in August 2016 and PlayStation VR in May 2018. Just under two weeks ago it became available via Quest! Since its initial release “Lies Beneath”has sold over 115,000 copies and has garnered a lot of praise for its story, graphics and gameplay. Not to mention that VR Giant Polygon recently named it the best VR game ever made!

The voice acting is well done and adds to the immersion, with Callie having an excellent voice actor who really brings the character to life. The soundtrack is atmospheric and haunting with the music having varying degrees of intensity depending on where you are in the game. The graphics in “Lies Beneath” are absolutely beautiful, boasting some of the most breath-taking scenery I’ve ever seen in VR.

The game was designed to be played standing up with either two Move controllers or just one for the most part. Whilst the game is playable sitting down with one motion controller can be frustrating at times, which is why most people opt to play standing up.

At the time of writing this review “Lies Beneath” had an average rating of 4/5 stars on Quest! with over 70 reviews, making it one of the best-reviewed titles available.

You play Callie Briggs, a teenage girl who goes on an adventure with her friend Maren to find out what happened to her missing mother.

There are two modes of play: Story and Exploration Mode. In the story mode you follow your map/compass and look around for clues or objects of interest such as notes that tell you more about the lore of the world or loot that can be used to upgrade your equipment. You may also come across hidden areas that require certain skills that you haven’t yet unlocked but will need to in order to reach them! The story is well written, with voice acting done really well throughout.

The exploration mode is much like Skyrim VR’s survival mode where there are no markers and you must find as many as possible as quickly as possible. Exploration mode doesn’t have any of the story elements so there is no voice acting, notes or interactions with characters. This means that some items such as those used for crafting may be very difficult to find!

Lies Beneath has a rating of Everyone 10+ on Quest! As a result, it contains no sexual content but does contain violence, blood and mild swearing however none of these really influence how enjoyable the game is since this information can easily be found in reviews prior to purchase.

This is a great all-rounder that would appeal to most gamers due to its high-quality graphics, voice acting and immersive gameplay mechanics. A fantastic VR adventure!

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