Let’s Create! Pottery VR Review

Let’s Create! Pottery VR is an Oculus Quest game created by Media Molecule. The player controls a pottery wheel with the left analog stick and design tools with the right joystick. For example, when using the paintbrush, players tap the right joystick to change colors before painting. Players can also create custom paints with acrylics in the pottery studio.

The game gives players three different modes to play in: freeform, challenges, and multiplayer. In freeform mode, there are no limits or time restrictions so players can take their time creating pots. The challenges mode has specific timing requirements for each stage of creation. For example, one challenge requires you to create a pot within three minutes. Players can also play the game with up to four friends in local multiplayer mode.

The graphics are relatively simple, but still look nice on the Quest. Additionally, all of the pieces for creation are placed around the pottery studio rather than unlocked piece by piece which reduces unnecessary downtime between pots. However, the inclusion of a grid is an unnecessary UI feature that slows down the gameplay.

The controls are pretty straightforward, but they also have some downsides. For example, when you are playing with the opponent local multiplayer mode you have to jump through hoops to actually begin the game which can be frustrating if you were hoping for a quick match. Additionally, the lack of haptic feedback makes it difficult for players to see where their tools land on clay.

The single-player portion of the game is very relaxing and enjoyable, but the multiplayer mode isn’t nearly as fun. The gameplay is simple, but mastering a design can take some time which makes competitions more engaging than they would otherwise be.

The game is good for the most part, but it would benefit from a better multiplayer mode. The simplicity of gameplay makes it perfect for casual players along with the fact that the game itself looks nice on the oculus quest make Let’s Create! Pottery VR is an enjoyable experience.

Overall, this game is a decent game in the Oculus Quest library. The graphics are nice, but the long loading times slow down the gameplay. Additionally, some of the controls can be frustrating to use in local multiplayer mode. However, if you enjoy making pottery then this is a fun game for you!

Rating: 7/10

Pros: -great graphics-intuitive controls -fun to play with friends

Cons: -long loading times -unnecessarily large grid is clunky

Final Word: This game has great graphics and intuitive controls which makes it fun for all ages. However, the game’s length suffers due to long load times and unnecessary UI features. I would recommend checking it out if you have the Oculus Quest.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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