Ironlights Review

Ironlights’ well-balanced weapons and versatile mechanics allow for a rich variety of tactical gameplay. No weapon is inherently bad, no matchup an obvious win.

Fluid, dynamic first-person combat full of counterplay


Blink anywhere on the screen to instantly teleport there! Double-jump with a flick of the wrist. You can fight from any position on the battlefield!

Ironlights’ tight controls let you quickly change direction, dodge past attacks, and pull off some amazing acrobatics in the heat of battle. Double-jump over a flying attack to deliver a counterstrike from above!

Fluid first-person combat featuring full 360-degree movement


Compete in the Iron League to defeat AI opponents with dozens of weapons and abilities. Each campaign play-through is randomized: you’ll always encounter new challenges and constantly changing strategies!

A huge single-player story campaign full of handcrafted levels


Unleash devastating powers when you play as a beast! Hulk smash puny humans, burn them in lava, or rain down meteor strikes on their cities!

Over 10 unique beasts with intense fighting styles


Unleash even more fearsome powers when you play as a fiend. Hunt down yourprey and savage them with a variety of attacks: slash them to pieces, burn them in lava and acid, and more!

Unleash devastating powers when you play as a fiend


Challenge your friends to a battle in the same room! Roam across a vast network of islands in co-op or take on each other in 1v1 PvP!

Challenge your friends to a duel with full locomotion movement


– 1v1 and 2v2 multiplayer modes, including both local and online play

– A huge single-player campaign with heaps of levels, weapons, and abilities

– 5 unique beasts with their own way of fighting

– 5 fiends with even more fearsome powers, each with a distinct playstyle revealing itself through combat.

– Gory, dynamic combat that’s quick to grasp but hard to master

– Move anywhere in VR using Blink teleportation or smooth locomotion controls

– Enjoyable by both VR veterans and new players

– Play in the comfort of your own home or outside, in parks! Supports room-scale/standing mode with no need for any sensors.

– Thrilling PvP multiplayer with several modes

– Play as a beast, fiend, or both! Over 10 beasts and fiends to unlock.

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