Hyper Dash Review

Hyper Dash is a great game with fun gameplay. It is best played with friends so you can have even more fun utilizing most of your weapons, skills and abilities

The game modes are very creative and provide lots of variety which will keep things interesting for many hours to come after you purchase the game.

The movement in this game is very smooth and makes the gameplay feel very fluid. The controls are easy to pick up for players of all levels, which makes it perfect for anyone that wants to play this game with friends or by themselves.

The graphics are very easy on the eyes and are very satisfying for this type of game. The only complaint I have when it comes to the aesthetics is that when sprinting, there can be some lag in when your character responds to what you actually want to do which can lead to running into an object or getting yourself killed by the enemy team.

The game is very well optimized and runs without any glitches or bugs which makes it that much better. There are also no complications with the controls, menus or other aspects of the game whatsoever. The online servers work flawlessly and can handle large amounts of users at one time which ensures you will always be able to find a game.

I really enjoy this game and think it is a great VR game. The graphics are very well done, the movement works perfectly and the gameplay is always fun.

Overall I would give this game 8.5/10. Would recommend to anyone that wants to play with their friends in virtual reality or by themselves

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