HouseFlipper VR Review

HouseFlipper VR app is a virtual reality game available on Oculus Quest. Its content is “flipping” houses for profit by buying, selling, and renovating properties with virtual money.

The objective of the game is to complete quests provided by NPCs in order to advance in the storyline. The player begins as an apprentice who must renovate houses in order to increase their skills. After gaining enough experience, the player advances through four different levels of jobs, including flipping houses and developing real estate.

The game is presented in first-person view with 3D graphics. Players use an Xbox controller to navigate menus and perform house renovation tasks such as controlling paint rollers or carrying materials. The player cannot leave the pre-determined boundaries of each space.

The game contains no violence, language, nudity, drugs, tobacco references, etc. There are some comical aspects of it such as opening a fridge for food and eating in order to gain energy when renovating houses. An article from Gamespot says “House Flipper is truly odd, but it’s also surprisingly engrossing. This game isn’t just about buying and selling houses–there’s a lot of actual work you have to do when flipping houses, including painting walls, installing furniture, fixing the roof, etc.”

The game contains an in-game store where players can sell energy drinks in order to keep playing and complete quests.

It also contains a season pass containing future content for this game.

Overall, I found the HouseFlipper VR app to be addicting and fun. It was easy to play and contained enough instructions on how to perform tasks. The graphics were not top-down quality, but they were sufficient enough to enjoy the gameplay. I do wish there were more options available such as maybe designing and decorating the houses, but the tasks were not too difficult to keep me entertained. I also did not like how there was no way to save your progress in-game; if you closed out of the app or got disconnected from Oculus Home, you had to start at level 1 again. This is a minor setback, but I do feel as though I should highlight it.

I give the HouseFlipper VR app a rating of 7 out of 10 stars.

If you want to try this game out for yourself, it is available on the Oculus Quest store via a free trial and comes with a season pass if you choose to purchase it.

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