Hand Physics Lab Review

The VR app “Hand Physics Lab” is a fun and accessible way to show physics in VR. The player uses their hands, which are represented by a single box mesh with visual features representing fingers, to manipulate the color-coded cubes seen in front of them. Each cube has its own mass and velocity when it is dropped from the top of the screen. The player can make physics theories to predict where each cube will land, and record their results in the lab notebook to the side.

In addition to this core gameplay, there are a few small but nice details that add polish. There is a particle fountain that spouts colorful smoke from the ground when activated with a button on the floor below it and a whiteboard and marker so players can draw their own diagrams.

As an educational VR physics sandbox, the possibilities are nearly endless for what kind of experiments might be conducted. A few suggestions include how planetary motion works, comparing the motion of multiple objects under gravity, or exploring how impacts work with different materials.

I give this app 3/5 stars. It’s a fun way to play around with physics for anyone, but more complicated experiments can’t be conducted because of the limited amount of objects on screen at once.

I enjoyed playing this game! If you’re looking for an educational VR app that allows you to do some light physics experiments, give this one a try!

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