Gloomy Eyes Review

The game is set in a cabin that is rendered nicely enough to give it an eery vibe. The music gives the player the sense of loneliness and despair, which does well with keeping up immersion without being too loud or distracting.

Voice acting provides some powerful voice lines for each character giving them depth during their story arc. The gameplay starts off by giving you a short tutorial on how to move the player. Moving the headset with your head moves your character forward, looking all around allows you to rotate your field of vision. This movement system can take some time to get used to, but it is vital if one wants to make any progress through this game. You start in a cabin with your family and it is up to you to piece together what happened by going through the rooms that they were before. The best part about this game is that there is no jump scares or any kind of horror material in this game and I wouldn’t change it. It definitely gives off a creepy feel with the lights going out and the protagonist walking around in the dark, but it is never too much.

This game was not designed with any combat in mind, so I would recommend this for anyone that is looking for an interactive story more than anything else. I feel like it did a great job at telling a compelling story of four people coming together to figure out what went wrong. If you are looking for a horror game to play on something other than the quest I would not recommend this, but if you are looking for an experience that will grip your attention until the very end I would suggest giving it a try.

-I was not impressed with how long it took to move the character around. It did get better after I got used to it, but there was no good way to get used to moving without looking like a fool in front of my family or friends. The game design could have made this easier on people if they had a spotter in every room that notified you when something would happen for example.-The game was very short, so even though the story makes some twists it wasn’t enough to keep me hooked for too long. I think some more time could have been spent on fleshing out some of the characters to make it a bit more interesting.

-There are some technical issues with some of the voice lines repeating and not sounding correct in some areas. This doesn’t happen too much and it only slightly breaks the immersion when it does.

The graphics were nice enough to keep me immersed, but even though there was the voice acting it didn’t give me a sense of not being alone which is what I would expect from a game like this. The movement system takes some getting used to before you can move around without it being too annoying, but once you get past that point it makes sense where the game designers were coming from. If you are looking for an interactive story then this is worth checking out, but if you are looking for something with a bit more action I would not suggest this.

Rating: 3/5

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