Ghost Giant Review

Ghost Giant is the latest game by the French studio, Zoink Games. Their previous games include Stick it to The Man and Fez. As with these previous titles, you play as a character who has special powers, in this case being able to shrink down or grow larger at your own free will. You can also talk directly to NPCs using signs and pick up objects with your levitation abilities.

You play as Louis, a lonely boy whose father has just died and is having trouble coping. You can shrink down to help him in his daily routines and try to lift his spirits. The main tasks revolve around growing and shrinking in size so you can accomplish different tasks such as: gathering food to eat, playing with animals, helping gardeners by moving objects around, etc.

The game takes place in a small town on an idyllic island where everyone knows each other and helps each other out while Louis struggles to continue living his life without his father. As the game progresses you can slowly bring back some joy into Louis’ heart by helping him complete his daily tasks.


– The game has a bright and colorful art style that feels very welcoming.

– The characters feel well developed and I enjoyed meeting each of them throughout the story. There are also fun little side quests you can do to get to know more about the townsfolk.

– The puzzles are fairly well thought out and require some thinking but aren’t very challenging.

– The game has one of the most beautiful soundtracks I’ve ever heard in a video game; it’s equal parts heartwarming and sad.


– Some of the interactions were buggy such as Louis not recognizing an object under his foot or not being able to give a certain item back.

– The game is very short and doesn’t take too long to beat; I finished it in around six hours.

Recommendation: play this game if you’re looking for an emotionally touching story that’s easy on the mind.

Ghost Giant is a great little indie game with beautiful visuals, a heartwarming story and fun little puzzles. If you’re looking for something relaxing but still enjoyable this game is perfect!

Rating: 9/10 (Great)

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