FOX NOW Review

We tried out the latest app from FOX, “FOX NOW,” on Oculus Quest. We gave it a full review to let you know if this service is worth using or not.

First off, we don’t really watch too many shows on FOX, but there’s only so much time in the day until you’re paying for cable again. It’s a well-known fact that cable and satellite don’t offer much in terms of value, and we’ve been streaming basically everything we watch for the past few months.

FOX NOW comes with all the bells and whistles that viewers want to see, like full episode availability on-demand, live streaming (when available), popular shows, recommendations for new shows you might like, Hulu integration (if you’re already paying for it) and many more. So if you’re looking to cut the cord but still keep some semblance of live TV on your wrist or face, check out our FOX NOW review below.

We downloaded this app via an Oculus Go (not Quest yet), which is an inexpensive option to see what all this VR stuff is about without spending a lot of money. We connected our Oculus Go to a Bluetooth remote and were ready to watch FOX NOW in about 5 minutes.

Now that it’s over, we’re pleased with the content, the design and how easy it is to navigate from show to show. There are some downsides too though, so keep reading for the full review!

What we liked

* Good content, easy to find what you’re looking for. FOX is one of the most popular networks on TV right now, so they definitely have a good amount of content available. The show library isn’t perfect though — if Hulu had more FOX shows maybe it would be better? We were still able to find new shows or watch old favorites like Empire and Star.

* Live stream was nice! We also got some alerts too, reminding us that certain events are happening live. For example, an NFL game will feature notifications popping up with score changes, updates on how your team is doing etcetera. There are only a handful of channels that offer this functionality at this time (ABC/ESPN being another) but it’s something we liked.

* Good navigation and design compared to other apps like this that we’ve used (ESPN, ABC). The menu is clear and easy to understand which makes browsing through all the content much faster. We didn’t feel lost or forced to watch commercials trying to figure out where everything was

What we didn’t like

* Would be nice if there were more features available with some of our favorite shows. For example, watching Last Man Standing on Hulu comes with quite a few extras — cast interviews / behind-the-scenes clips etcetera. While FOX NOW has some of these bells and whistles for their top shows, it would be nice to see them across the board – especially for popular FoX shows like X-Files, Simpsons and Family Guy.

* No live sports! Right now FOX is the only major network without any live sports on their VR app. We mentioned this in our ESPN VR review too — it’d be nice to have some popular sporting events streaming in VR without having to pay for cable again.

What the verdict is

FOX NOW isn’t a bad option if you’re looking for something similar to Hulu or Netflix but still want that “live” feel every once in a while. The content library isn’t perfect, but there’s enough here to keep fans of Fox entertained for hours upon hours too. And with no subscription needed at all, this is definitely one of the cheapest ways to get your entertainment fix!

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