FitXR (formerly called BOXVR) Review

FitXR is a fitness-oriented VR game that focuses mainly on boxing, with some rhythm elements. The game can be found here for $20.

I purchased the game on 5/16/2020, and so far it has provided me with dozens of hours of boxing fun!

FitXR also switched studios to one in Hawaii, so not only is the scenery better but the instructors are more motivated. There are still some gaps in how effective FitXR workouts are compared to real-world boxing, but they’re becoming less common over time.

I would recommend this game for anyone who wants to stay fit while having fun. Way better than just sitting on the couch all day watching VR flicks!

It is a helpful tool for learning proper boxing stances, motions and getting in shape without even noticing it. One small thing to mention is that the game has a very steep learning curve, so you aren’t really able to experience it at its fullest for about an hour or so.

No matter what workout I decide on, boxing always gives me the most intense high-energy cardio workout.

If I’m feeling energetic, I can jump in and play a boxing match for a total of 10 minutes, and it’s so intense that by the end of it I’m dripping with sweat. The intensity is just awesome!

For everyone out there who wants to know how intense it gets, well let me tell you: at its highest difficulty it’s so intense that if I’m not breathing properly I’ll be panting in seconds.

Now, I’m no fitness guru expert or anything like that, but FitXR (especially when playing on the highest difficulty) makes me work up a good sweat every time.

At the end of about 20-30 minute sessions, my whole body is drenched in sweat. I can usually recover quickly though, so it’s really just a good intense workout.

If you want a workout that’s just as good as real boxing with the added bonus of being fun at all times, FitXRis perfect for you.

The game makes you feel like you are actually in the ring, so when you throw punches it really feels like throwing punches.

If you are trying to get fit for real-life boxing, this certainly beats spending hours in a gym, getting punched in the face by a sweaty man as he screams at you to increase your intensity. I mean, that is no fun at all.

The game is always adding new content to help you lose weight faster. For example, there are now rhythm elements that give the game a whole new layer of intensity and challenge!

I would especially recommend it to those who want a boxing workout but don’t really have the time or equipment to do so. You can even play with just one of your hands! I am not very active, and I find myself out of breath after only 30 seconds of playing on the highest difficulty.

FitXR has never failed to keep me motivated – I simply cannot wait until the next time I can get in and train with it!

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