FandangoNOW Review

The FandangoNow application is available on the Oculus Quest. It’s a video streaming app, allowing you to watch movies instantly rather than having to wait for them to download or buy them online. I’ve used it quite a bit in my time with the Oculus Quest and figured I’d put in some thoughts about it. Since I’ve been testing out the Oculus Quest for about two months now, I figured this was a great time to share my impressions of apps like this.

The app is available on the main menu, so it’s extremely easy to open up and start watching movies. You can scroll through different categories by swiping in either direction or by using the controller’s joystick. You can also select the “Trending Now” option, allowing you to see what’s popular on FandangoNOW at this exact moment

Each film has information like its description and length listed right below the cover image. It shows you how many people gave it a “thumbs up”, as well as how many people purchased or rented it. If you purchased the movie, you will even be able to choose the quality and device that you want to play it on (I’d recommend choosing “highest possible quality”).

Selecting a movie piece of media brings up some more detail about it, such as who is in each specific movie and what other movies they’ve been in. These details are great for those looking for similar movies to the one they are watching.

The picture quality is excellent, far better than I was expecting. I’ve streamed trailers for some Marvel films before trying them out in full on the device and the picture quality didn’t even have a hint of blurriness or pixelation. I found that it only takes about four minutes to start playing your selected movie – this will change depending on how fast your connection is rather than being a limit set by FandangoNow.

Overall, this app has everything you’d expect from such an application: ease of use, great picture quality, and plenty of available media. Some might feel like the library itself could be bigger (I actually like that there isn’t too much TV or film here), but that likely is a conscious decision on Fandango’s part to keep the app from being bloated. If you want a video streaming app on your Quest, this one will allow you to enjoy tons of movies with great picture quality.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. Perfect for those looking for quick streaming without too much effort or those who’ve already purchased plenty of movies over at FandangoNOW.

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