ESPN Review

This is just a quick review of the overall game. I’ll follow it up with specific notes on the pros and cons later.

ESPN brings an awesome sports broadcast to Virtual Reality, one that uses true-to-life graphics, sounds, and feels. You can use your hands to point out players or switch angles (your controller turns into a camera!). It is, by far, what I believe is the best sports-related experience you can have in VR.

The game’s graphics are stunning. You can spot sweat on people’s faces, see their jerseys flap with the wind, and hear commentary about kickers even though they’re nowhere near the ball! The most immersive part is just seeing the game unfold in front of you, though.

The only downside is occasional glitches where balls fall through their predicted trajectory or players appear out of nowhere.

I recommend this for any sports fan who wants to see their favorite games in an immersive environment! It will make playing video games fun again.

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