End Space Review

End Space is one of the first space shooters made for VR. The game offers action-packed dogfights in a variety of beautifully rendered star systems. You are dropped directly into the cockpit of your fighter with nothing but your motion sickness to guide you. That’s right, if you get sick playing video games, buckle up because this game will likely cause it. If you have a weak stomach I wouldn’t recommend this game because you will be spending a lot of time inside the cockpit during intense combat.

End Space offers heart-pounding multiplayer dogfights, frantic co-op survival, and hilarious deathmatch modes including team-based and free for all deathmatches using the games included maps. There is also a campaign mode where the game will thrust you into the middle of the action in an attempt to recover the lost cargo.

Currently, there is nothing like End Space outside of VR, flying through space in the first person with endless freedom has never felt so real. The dev team does an amazing job at achieving immersion through their use of audio and visuals, but that’s not to say it isn’t without fault. The combat is often too intense for a lot of players and they tend to get sick after a few minutes inside the cockpit, myself included sometimes which can cause you to die in intense dogfights if you don’t have a friend there to revive you.

The devs deliver on their promise of an action-packed space shooter with deep gameplay mechanics and satisfying weapon upgrades, unfortunately, the community is small so finding people to play is often troublesome.

I would rate this game at a 7/10 because it delivers on its promise of an action-packed VR space shooter with few faults that hold it back, but the game is far from perfect. I would recommend this game to players who love space shooters and are okay with occasionally throwing up, I would also recommend it to people looking for friends to join them in multiplayer because the player base is generally small.

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