Elixir Review

Descending into an alien laboratory, in the depths of a mysterious world known only as Quareia, you play as a lone researcher trying to discover just what exactly is going on.

The signal originates from below ground and there’s only one way to get there: jump!

I’m not sure why I started my review that way but, as a platformer, I guess it’s the main mechanic of the game.

Elixir is an integrated game, meaning that it is specifically designed for Quest all-in-one VR headset (reviewed here). It will not run on other headsets like Rift or Vive, but since Quest isn’t released yet I am reluctant to share an opinion on its platform. I had no issues with the controls and am very excited for such a high-quality game coming to Quest so soon after release.

There’s nothing more than an exploration experience, but even at that, there is a lot of depth. The world is filled with detail and is incredibly compelling if a little bit dark -I can’t help but think how amazing this game could be with actual sunlight! The puzzles are fun too, despite being pretty simple.

The story is quite interesting, and I really liked the ending – though it was definitely an ending. There’s not much satisfaction in it without more to follow on later. The game is beautifully crafted, and I highly recommend it for those who like to explore alien worlds and solve puzzles.

I played this game on an Oculus Quest with two Touch controllers. The audio was excellent, as were the visuals (despite the darkness). The controls were very intuitive and easy to understand. The gameplay was simple and straightforward. The puzzles were enjoyable but easy.

Elixir is a game that requires no controller, just the headset itself. You can play it standing or sitting. There is juggling involved, so if you have your own Vive controllers you could try them too!

I’m not sure how this would be for someone who gets sick from many VR games (see https://dreadvr.com/oculus-quest-2/ for details on that), but you shouldn’t have too much issue playing this one laying down or standing up.

It’s definitely a game worth checking out and it gives off some serious Portal vibes, which isn’t a bad thing.


10/10 would jump again.

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