Doctor Who The Edge of Time Review

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is a new virtual reality game exclusively for the Oculus Quest. How does this one compare to other games on the Oculus Quest? Keep reading to find out!

The first thing you’ll notice about Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is how it plays with the player’s expectations. In some VR games, when an enemy walks into your path, they will attack you straight on. In Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, enemies can sneak up from behind and attack from all angles- including from below! This mixup in combat makes the player less likely to get bored while fighting enemies since there are more variables than usual at play here. On top of that, every level has something different going on in it, and every enemy is unique and interesting in its own way. This is a very welcome change from all of the copy-paste enemies we see in most VR games!

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time also has an engaging story that’s true to the show; there are many nods to classic adversaries throughout. One such enemy even comes straight out of an episode with the 5th Doctor (my personal favorite)! Furthermore, each level starts with a quote from something that happened on TV. Although you don’t have any direct control over what happens next, these quotes will definitely get your imagination going!

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time does fall short when it comes to some elements though. Firstly, there needs to be more variety in the gameplay. The controls also aren’t as intuitive as they could be and can leave you feeling a bit helpless when moving around certain environments. These limitations may have been done to avoid motion sickness for some people, but it would have been nice if they were thought out more thoroughly.

Still, Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is an incredibly fun experience all-in-all! It’s great even just to wander around and explore levels inspired by episodes from the show. If you feel like traveling through space and time-fighting enemies with the latest regeneration of the Doctor though… Well, this game feels like it was made for that purpose alone!

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