Disc Ninja Review

Disc Ninja is definitely one of the most unique games that I have ever played, and it is all the rage right now. The game had some advantages and disadvantages, which will be discussed below. However, this game had something really amazing about it: it had the power to completely immerse you into another world! This article is just my personal opinion, feel free to agree/disagree!

The graphics in this game were pretty decent, even though they weren’t super high definition. However, I still felt completely immersed in the world of Disc Ninja. The music in this game was pretty good too, however, there were some problems with it also. At times when you are trying to sneak up on an enemy or go through a door undetected, certain effects will happen which will reveal your location to nearby enemies. This may take away from the experience at times when you are trying to be stealthy and assassinate unsuspecting foes who have no idea what is coming for them.

The gameplay overall is actually pretty good, and it does a great job at keeping you interested. The game has a variety of different weapons that you can use to take out your foes, which will kill them in different ways depending on your weapon of choice. For example, if you’re using the throwing star, this will allow you to perform an instakill move from behind or from above most enemies. However, there are some issues about the controls that need to be fixed. There were times when I would need to run up a wall before going over a fence, but my character would instead immediately climb over the fence without stopping! These kinds of things make it harder for people to play this game and complete certain objectives because they simply cannot figure out how to do what they are supposed to do.

Overall, this is a really great game that I would recommend (with the caveats above). The graphics were decent, the music was good but was sometimes ruined by certain effects happening at bad times, and the gameplay is pretty fun! However, there are some control issues with jumping over fences instead of running up walls before climbing over them. This game definitely has an audience, but it also needs improvements in order to reach that intended audience.

Rating: 7/10 – Engrossing world which is immersive enough for most people to enjoy; an interesting array of weapons; due to control issues it can be difficult for players to figure out everything they need to do in order to complete their tasks.

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