DeoVR Video Player Review

The DeoVR Video Player is a virtual reality video player. It can play 360° videos, 3D videos and real 3D SBS format videos from your hard drive or from YouTube. Within this review, we’ll be covering how it’s been used in the past for playing Touhou Project fan games in VR, including a little commentary on how to use it in a real Touhou Project fan game.

Touhou Danmaku Amanojaku Gold is one of the few existing Danmaku games for VR. 3D videos, such as the ones available from The Night Journey, can play inside Danmaku Amanojaku Gold without any kind of third-party software or plugins. 3D SBS videos can also play inside Danmaku Amanojaku Gold on a regular monitor, but not in 3D for some reason.

Due to the lack of any other convenient way to watch these types of videos outside of a VR environment, DeoVR Video Player was used instead. The process is pretty simple. You download it from the official website. Extract all of the files in this ZIP file to a directory. Open up the file named “config.txt” with Notepad or another text editor and edit some settings to match your VR environment, such as changing the resolution, fullscreen mode, 3D formats that are supported, etc.

Save this file. Open up the directory that you extracted all of these files into, open the “bin” subdirectory and run this executable with whatever name you decided to call your video file earlier. It is really easy to use, but if you want a video tutorial, you can click here for one.

The next section will explain how I usedDeoVR Video Player for Touhou Danmaku Amanojaku Gold. Be sure to read the rest of this review as well, as there is some more information on DeovR Video Player which may be interesting.

Downloading and Extracting All of these files are super easy. Just click on each link one at a time and save each file in the same directory. You can extract these files by opening up that directory and then right-clicking on any of the zipped files to extract them with whatever software you use (WinRAR, 7-zip) or just double click on them to let Windows do it for you.

Configuring The Config File This file contains settings for the DeoVR Video Player. The most important setting is “fullscreen” as this determines whether or not you will see letterboxing bars on the sides of your scene, but there are other settings as well which determine how videos play and what kind of 3D formats they have.

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