Death Lap Review

Death Lap is a racing game on the Oculus Quest that allows you to race AI or other people in realistic cars around a virtual track. You control your car by looking left or right, which makes it pretty fun. This review will discuss some of the pros and cons of this virtual reality game as well as some ideas for improvement.

On April 26, 2019, Death Lap was released for the Oculus Quest. Death Lap is an interesting racing game that allows you to race in a realistic car against AI- or live people. To control the cars, you use your gaze by looking around and turning left or right. These quick changes in direction are what makes Death Lap so interesting.

The game is available for $19.99, which is about the average price of a VR game currently. With its realistic graphics and sound design, it has the potential to be more popular than other racing games that are more casual or arcade-like.

One great aspect of Death Lap is that you can play against random players without worrying about them being bots because no one wants to be stuck with actual AI cars. Also, there are always new people online so it doesn’t get too boring unless you have no friends who have this game. Despite this, there are still some problems with the gameplay itself surrounding how quick it ends up being due to different issues with drivers and playing by yourself versus with friends.

Death Lap is an interesting game with both pros and cons, but these problems can be fixed later on if they wanted to fix them down the line.

Pros: – Allows you to play against random players without any bots – Playing online doesn’t get boring because there are always new people online

Cons: – Playing by yourself offers no incentive besides unlocking cars – Cars clip into each other sometimes – It’s difficult to control your car when you aren’t facing forwards

Ideas For Improvement: – Make it so that if the game is paused, whoever paused it receives a penalty similar to Mario Kart – Allow players to change their cars with some sort of unlockable system Final Score: 8.8/10 Death Lap is worth checking out more on the Oculus Quest especially since it’s free for a limited time. Just make sure you are okay with racing by yourself.

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