Dear Angelica Review

Everything about this game is beautiful. The art, the sound design, the music…I mean seriously. At some point, I had to stop playing it because my eyes were beginning to hurt from all of the pretty colors and I needed a moment to recover. Dear Angelica is an interactive story that takes you on an emotional roller coaster through your past, present, and future self at different points in your life.

It’s played similarly to Oculus Quest games like Beat Saber or Creed: Rise to Glory, where you use two controllers at once- one for each hand- but instead of hitting blocks or punching things you draw shapes that allow you to interact with certain objects in your environment. I’m not very good at this game, so I didn’t expect to be able to play it very well, but I ended up loving it all the same. It was really cool getting to explore my past memories in how they were laid out and presented in order to help you grasp who that character is in your life and then seeing what actually ends up happening later on once that memory is over.

The game itself is just absolutely stunning. Everything looks like a watercolour painting come to life with an amazingly written story about how you’re not alone in your struggles, even when you feel like nobody else could possibly understand the way you do. Even though certain aspects of this game sounded heavy or depressing based on its description, overall left feeling hopeful for the future and loved by the end of it.

Dear Angelica is a short story that allows players to interact with the environment in order to help better understand what is going on with the main characters. The art style blends painted elements with 3D models which creates a dreamlike quality throughout the experience. As stated before, Dear Angelica can be completed within an hour or two depending on how much time is spent looking around your surroundings. There are also collectables scattered throughout the narrative that give more insight into some of its events as well as further expand upon certain character interactions between one another.

The Dear Angelica experience can be summarized as an emotional roller coaster. You are taken through the memories of one person, which are presented to you in different time periods throughout their life. It starts off with a sense of wonder and happiness but becomes more serious by the end after it’s properly fleshed out the characters personalities and struggles that they face. The environment is used well to establish its own unique style for each memory scene, which goes along nicely with the games dark lines and colors. Overall

Dear Angelica is an interactive story that has a deep narrative, beautiful art style, and makes the most of its use of VR technology.

This title can be found online for purchase on both Steam and Oculus stores. If I was to recommend one major thing about this game, it would definitely be the art style as you’ll be able to see, as well as the story itself. Everything about this game is absolutely stunning and each person who plays it will have a different experience with its contents depending on what they go through during their time with it.

Everything about this game was done right, and I definitely recommend picking it up if you have a Quest!

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